NONALIGNEDART is a platform for the presentation and exchange of ideas about contemporary art and culture that:

  • fosters a multitude of viewpoints, acknowledging differences while seeking commonalities
  • promotes novel and inspiring paths to making art as well as interpreting, presenting, and writing about it
  • seeks cross-disciplinary initiatives
  • sparks curiosity
  • stands for collaboration and cultural synergy
  • subscribes to diversity of concepts, narratives, aesthetics, and opinions
  • supports multifarious directions in today’s artistic and cultural production
  • values unconventional, thought-provoking content and substantive critical reflections
  • welcomes fresh and nonpartisan voices


NONALIGNEDART attempts to bridge divides of race, nationality, gender, language, and belief systems and find common ground in a world characterized by polarization and social inequities by:

  • asserting inquiry, affectivity, humor, and compassion
  • bringing knowledge about lesser-known arts and cultures
  • redirecting situations of conflict and misunderstanding into spaces of humility and shared experiences through art


NONALIGNEDART initiates, organizes, and presents programs that encourage questions and earnest conversations through:

  • establishment of an inquisitive and inclusive platform, virtual and live
  • fearless discussions on topics of art and culture that bring different perspectives into play


NONALIGNEDART is founded by art historian and longtime curator Vesela Sretenović as a space for the presentation and discussion of art, free from the constraints of currents trends, institutional politics, and the market.

  • The name itself pays respect to the country of her origin—the former Yugoslavia—which was neither a part of the Eastern nor the Western bloc, but instead held a nonaligned position, fighting with other developing countries against imperialism, colonialism, racism, and foreign aggression. It also reflects her personal and professional views on art and life, and her effort to remain impartial, independent, and nonaligned.