Hello! Exhibition

HELLO! was a pop -up exhibition that brings together a group of DC-based artists with a simple aim — to reconnect through shared experiences of art after a period of physical isolation and collective estrangement due to the pandemic and social unrest of the previous year and a half.

HELLO! presented ten artists— Robin Bell; Nehemiah Dixon III; Rachel Farbiarz; Michelle Lisa Herman; Maggie Michael; Barbara Liotta; Dani Levinas; Nara Park; Ellington Robinson; Helen Zughaib—who employ a wide range of media and approaches—from drawing and painting to sculptural and mixed media and digitally-based works—and reveal different sensibilities, conceptual backgrounds, and formal vocabularies. Each of their work carries a personal narrative or a viewpoint from quiet, poetic and contemplative to expressive, humorous, and socially poignant. Despite this polyphony of artistic voices, when joined together, they are reaching out to say HELLO! We are here!

To enhance and activate the exhibition with the artists’ speaking voices, a series of MEET-THE-ARTISTS events took place every Saturday afternoon from 4
to 6pm at Micheline Klagsbrun Studios. The dates were:

November 13, 4-6pm: Nehemiah Dixon III; Rachel Farbiarz; Maggie Michael;
Ellington Robinson
November 20, 4-6pm: Michelle Lisa Herman; Barbara Liotta; Helen Zughaib
November 27, 4-6pm: Robin Bell; Nara Park; Dani Levinas
December 4, 4-6pm: Closing reception with the artists, host and curator

HELLO! was organized by Vesela Sretenović
For further information and appointments please contact: info@nonalignedart.com